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I Used to Think…

Recently I was challenged to answer a key question about my work as an educator. It doesn’t seem like much of a challenge at first, but when I actually tried to do it I found it much more difficult. During his workshop titled Diamonds to Rockpiles at NESA, Douglas Reeves laid out very clearly the […]

Transform Learning with Great Questions

We often hear others describe 1-to-1 computing in schools as simply an access model.  We hear it rationalised as a way to give students access to information, to the vast riches of the World Wide Web while learning to deter its evils.  Why, then, are there so many examples out there of schools expecting 1-to-1 […]

Big Data

After attending a workshop on the Horizon Report at ISTE over the summer I woke up to the notion that one of the key trends rolling our way is Big Data.  I, like many of my colleagues, had fallen into the trap of believing several comfortable fallacies about data and schools. Schools are different than […]

Reflecting on Effect Size

I recently came across a reference to the book Visible Learning for Teachers by John Hattie in Grant Wiggins’ blog in which he lists the teaching techniques with the greatest effect size on student learning in relation to a research meta-analysis done by Hattie.  I couldn’t help but notice some of the stand-outs. Student self-assessment/self-grading […]

Thinking Differently About Tech PD

For many years I’ve worked with integration and coordination teams that offered technology professional development as a one-shot one-day-a-week one-size-fits-all workshop.  If someone wasn’t able to make it, well, they had to come find us.  Last year sometime, I think it was after reading the first paragraph of the fine book Differentiated Professional Development in […]

Is a Growth Mindset the Answer?

  In two days at ISTE 2013 I’ve already experienced countless inspirational moments, heard dozens of fantastic quotes, and left presentations feeling renewed, invigorated, and empowered. One theme that seems oddly absent from this conference, however, is the idea of a growth mindset and student motivation. I do not mean to be cynical, only to provide […]

A Week with Tim and Sarah

We have been extremely blessed to have Tim Rylands and Sarah Neild at our school for the last five days, including a mind-blowing PD day.  The banquet Tim has laid out is far too much for us to digest fully anytime soon, which leaves us with a deep well of shared experience to tap for […]

Is Creativity Really the Goal?

I’ve been reading and thinking a lot about creativity lately, partly due to its prominence in the buzz cloud, and partly due to my irrational fear that school is killing the creativity of my daughter.  Thank you, Ken Robinson.  At the age of five now she has been coloring inside the lines for 2 years, […]

Building Capacity for 1:1 Learning

Offering professional development for digital-age learning is not an easy task, perhaps that’s why a lot of schools don’t pay for it. I think it has to do with the overwhelming scope and the nebulous nature of the skill set. You cannot possibly train everyone in a school to teach effectively in a 1:1 environment […]

A Vision of Transformation

I am living the dream I set out for eight years ago when I first took on the job as HS Technology Facilitator at ISB in Brussels.  Now, as IT Director at AISC in Chennai, I take on a large school under exceptional leadership chock full of teachers, students and parents hungry for more technology. […]